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That Time of Year Again...

Yup, for those who are participating, it's the month of novel writing stress, wordcounts in your dreams, and waiting for December to come at last. :)

So hey, why not get the community talking about writing? For those involved in the challenge, what gets you motivated? Are you up to talking about your current work-in-progress? Do you plan on participating again next year?

For those who don't bother with the official month, do you still work on writing anyway? Do you cheer on your friends who are part of the challenge? What do you have in progress right now, if anything?

Let's see how things go, and get some activity again. If anyone has suggestions for challenges here, drop a line as well. There has to be something we can do, right?

(I admit, I've been rather busy lately and I haven't come up with anything myself. Bad mod.)

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